'Obsessed with Humidity'

Pamela Cabrera from Transsolar’s New York office is featured on The Building Science Podcast from Positive Energy. The Building Science Podcast is home to monthly high-level conversations about ways that building science helps humans thrive in the built environment.

In the episode 'Obsessed with Humidity' Pamela talks with host Kristof Irwin about her work on humidity and buildings. They chat about the world’s changing climate, expanding humid climate zones, mold-growth risks, and her work on membrane-based dehumidification as a façade retrofit, a project she started at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her work on membrane dehumidification is now part of a multi-institutional venture funded by the DOE innovation grant for building technologies. The team is led by Princeton, and the partners include Harvard, MIT, and Transsolar, among others.

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