Raphael Lafargue: "The question is, what does a KlimaEngineer do for a living?"

Raphael Lafargue’s excellent presentation about the deeper meaning of KlimaEngineering recorded at the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2018 is now online. Why watch it? Raphael does not only unveil what a Klimaengineer does for a living – as for example making fish “swim” in a museum’s space – but takes the audience on a trip around the world showing the diversity of the work and the local identity of each solution. He gives detailed information about the main concept features, explaining for example how the ‘rain of light’ in the Abu Dhabi Louvre works, a project, that Raphael worked on intensively at the beginning of his career within our company. Raphael’s natural curiosity and deep knowledge of physical phenomena and his engineering capabilities become obvious in this lecture, that aims to excite others of the possibilities we have in designing a better built environment.