(Re)connecting – learning from projects and each other

Transsolar has semi-annual internal conferences, not only exchange knowledge, but to (re)connect to our colleagues. Last week, we met up in Munich and visited some of our completed projects in the area. At Hofgut Karpfsee Langes Haus, one of the newer projects, we admired the building and the fully-functioning energy supply system. A combined heat and power plant (CHP) generates heat (55 kW) and electricity (20 kW) out of gas from an on-site wood gasifier. Wood chips are from the surrounding region. Such a design can only be successfully realized with diligent operating staff. The owner, Stiftung Nantesbuch, and its employees invest time and effort in making the proposed energy concepts function as designed and take great pride in the outcome.

On Friday, the highlight was the Transsolar Academy mid-term presentation for their annual project. This is a building in Auroville, that went into operation in 2017, but is not fully completed. Design information should be provided by the Academy so that funds can be secured to assist in the building’s completion. The group presented their research results on the proposed design strategies – describing the aim and potential of these measures. Each fellow contributed by explaining his/her findings on the different topics so that, jointly, the listeners understood the full story of the design. The wide range of passive concept components – partly seldomly applied – immediately raised great interest and led to lively discussions.

The next step is now to understand how the strategies will work in detail, so that the envisioned well-orchestrated comfort concept can fully function.