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Release 26 June 2019.
The weather is topic number one in Germany. The three-day forecast says:
''records, blow-ups, hottest day in June ever.
The heat wave continues to have most regions in Germany firmly under control. Wednesday will probably be the hottest day in June since the start of measurement. Even the motorways are suffering.....''
If even the motorways are suffering, how will people feel? In the office in Stuttgart, which is not air-conditioned, the employees do not like to leave the vicinity of the fans, quite understandable at 30 C degrees.
An e-mail is coming in, forwarding a view of the monitoring of the new school wing in Aalen attached. It says:
''...not bad...all components in the building are at 19-20 degrees...ceiling in EG wood 24 degrees room temp 23-24.5 degrees
Feel room temperature 21-22 degrees
Super pleasant!! ‘‘

We're happy about that!

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