Matthias Rudolph @ Belgrade

Matthias Rudolph was invited as a keynote speaker to the two-day conference "Places and Technologies" at the University of Belgrade.
The topic of the conference was the academic exchange about the potential and challenges of cities and the urban environment with a special focus on places and the role of technologies.
Matthias spoke within his lecture "well tempered environment 2.0" about how climate responsive design can synergistically contribute to the design process towards built environments that combine ecological, user-centric and esthetical goals in architecture and urban design.
The conference comprised high-level contributions from various perspectives with selected international speakers: Architecture, urban design, Policy and Governance, Economics, Sociology and Technology.
Within inspiring and controversial panel discussions the challenges of today's cities were analysed and the vision of the future cities formed.
Expecially the role of ICT lead to controversial discussions - at the end all agreed upon the fact, that despite the evolving technologies creating virtual public environments there's even more the need for great urban spaces where people enjoy socializing in a well-tempered reality.

Photo: Milan Nikolic