Transsolar World Academy Lectures on Daylight and Urban Responsive Design at NUST

The last sessions of online teaching at NUST took place on the 18th of November. In the morning Daniel Lago gave his lecture about Daylight Delivery Strategies. Daniel begins by posing the question: what is light? The lecture then moves on to the different sources of light, a brief history of related scientific discoveries, and an overview of the fundamentals of light physics; leading to a better understanding of visible light and color. Other questions arise as the presentation delves into the definition of daylight, its many benefits, and its implication for visual comfort. How is daylight measured? How much daylight is sufficient to perform different tasks? What are the most commonly used daylight metrics and assessments? These and many other questions are answered in a straightforward manner. Finally, useful daylighting design strategies and "rules of thumb" are presented along with real projects examples to showcase successful applications of daylighting design.

In the afternoon, there was a long session about Climate Responsive Urban Scale held by our colleagues Christine von Raven, Diego Romero and Lakshmishree Venugopal. Dive into the world of the urban design by understanding the impact rapid growth of cities and climate change can have. The team follows up presenting approaches towards sustainability and livability on an urban scale. The concept of density at different scales form the size of dwelling to the population of an urban area is used to shed light on aspects urban life like mobility, outdoor comfort, health and participatory planning. How architecture can influence Urban Quality is discussed. The presentation ends with an optimistic outlook into the future, presenting Carbon Neutral Cities and fields of action.

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