The Glasshouse in the desert is moving

The "Desert House" was built in 2018 in the Gorafe desert in the Geopark of Granada, Spain, where temperatures can reach 45°C (113°F) in summer and drop to minus ten degrees in winter.
Guardian Glass and OFIS Architects had built the house to test the effectiveness of the architecturally implemented passive comfort strategies and the performance of the glazing under extreme climatic conditions. The project was very successful.
A local contractor purchased it. The twenty-square-meter self-sufficient house had become famous far beyond the country's borders after numerous media outlets at home and abroad showed it, and it also served as a backdrop for the British series "Black Mirror."
It has become an icon and almost a place of pilgrimage, to the annoyance of those who wish to stay there undisturbed. Now the new owner has decided to move it to a new location, protected from the curious. He wants to use it mainly for tourism. He also plans to rent it out for shows, exhibitions and film sets for series, movies and commercials.

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Photo: Guardian Glass – Gonzalo Botet