Transsolar Academy 6 – On Board

The first two weeks we spend with the fellows are filled with introduction modules with topics like cross-cultural awareness, motivation, impact chain, team building and Transsolar milestones. As an outcome of the discussions and reflections, each fellow created a visualization. They present themselves with restricted materials to their use on a "board" and as a group they filmed their TSA 6 video.

Take a look and get to know something about Almaha Aldossary from Saudi Arabia, Ana Cecilia Garza González from Mexico, Daniel Lago Leal from Cuba, Filip Kobzinek from Croatia, and Santi Qirko from Albania. Just a note: we are still waiting for Hala Hegazi from Egypt to arrive, she is taking part in the education program online at the moment in which they are deeply involved studying the fundamentals of climate engineering.

Regarding their personal project: We spent half a year to recap the past 5 years of our Transsolar Academy. Always striving to maximize our impact we have "re"started our Academy program following a slightly new approach: we want to focus "more" on supporting the Fellows in networking during and after their Fellowship. For this reason, we have changed the concept of the personal research projects: set-up as a collaborative effort, with each part essential to the outcome, the group will cooperate and network during their stay in Stuttgart. The result of the project could be shared and evaluated by former Fellows and may be even expanded. Intrigued? So are we – stay tuned.