Transsolar India Lab: What does sustainability look like in the majority world?

This Spring Project Day 2024, we open a new chapter of the Transsolar World Academy: The Transsolar India Lab.
The Transsolar India Lab is a space of exploration, research and development for Transsolar in India. We use this space not only to share our work with the outside world but also educate ourselves about pertinent topics related to climate change and sustainable construction in the majority world. The goal of TS India Lab is to provide a running laboratory to ask small questions which eventually lead us to bigger questions that we seek answers to: How can our work be relevant in other parts of the world ? Can these places potentially offer a new market for future Transsolar? What are the challenges these regions face and how can we best learn and innovate here? How is our climate responsive knowledge relevant in cultures that we are not familiar with? How do we approach people involved if we want to build successful and sustainable relationships?

Initiated by Aarti Dhingra who is leading the Transsolar World Academy, the TS India Lab was kicked off on our project day with a guest lecture by the renowned Indian architect Ashok B. Lall.
The Cambridge (U.K.) alumni established his architectural firm in 1981 and is committed to an architectural practice based on the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. He believes that architectural practice today must address not only in India social inequity, cultural subversion and environmental impact. Mr. Lall is engaged in architectural education since 1990. Over the last decade, he has conducted and supported research toward Low-carbon Futures for Urbanisation in India. See Ashok B Lall Architects >

Stay tuned. We will publish further activities. For getting in touch to explore opportunities of collaboration, please write to