TSA7 Goodbye Fellows

Now the seventh round of our Transsolar Academy training program has come to an end.

At the beginning of 2020, everything seemed to be in order, but then the pandemic hit and with it the restrictions that strongly influenced our training program: Online training and screen presence instead of a dynamic work flow within the various Transsolar groups and peers with direct feedback characterized this Academy very much. Distance instead of exchange with colleagues, because that was only possible in a significantly reduced way.

Virtual meetings have a significantly reduced quality. Spontaneity is rather absent, cultural exchange is minimized. The Fellows made the best of it, despite all the additional difficulties that come with home office and VPN work on top of all the other problems of everyday life in a foreign country.

We hope to meet again soon and under better circumstances and let's keep in touch until then.
Well, Fellows, take care and keep on staying 'negative'!