TSAcademy 2020 started

„Nächster Halt Österfeld. Ausstieg in Fahrtrichtung links." „Entschuldigung!"

February 2020. Weather front 'Sabine', elsewhere also called 'Ciara', sweeps through the country. It brings unusual impressions, not only for this year's Fellows of the Transsolar Academy.
Suddenly, public transport has an almost complete breakdown, the S-Bahn has stopped for the time being, with a few hours delay the Tram is the first to start again. Sudden snowfall surprisingly transforms the landscape into white. But for a few minutes only. The wind pushes the clouds, the sun breaks through, the illusion of winter is short.
Our guests, they all come from warm countries, have already started to learn about the software tools necessary for KlimaEngineering. A few voluntary hours of German shall make everyday life easier. The office-own crash course gives answers to questions like: What does that mean, what's coming out of the train's speaker? How can I politely say something in German when I want to get off the train but it‘s packed with people?
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