#tstransition Daniel Kiehlmann: Every detail counts

Every detail counts – Advanced knowledge to understand impact chains

Understanding the factors influencing 'user comfort' allows me to craft energy-efficient and innovative building concepts. How much air conditioning is needed? Can increased air movement maintain comfort at higher temperatures?

My journey at Transsolar began with a focus on scientifically clarifying questions about outdoor comfort. Our objective was to understand all the relevant factors and their effects in detail. Insights, such as recognizing the importance of air movement, drove the implementation of comfort measures and expanded our understanding of outdoor and indoor comfort principles.

Our experiments culminated in the Dry Mist System for warm climates: water is forced through high-pressure nozzles creating tiny droplets that evaporate immediately. Combined with a fan, a cool breeze is achieved without the risk of getting wet, as is often then case with misting systems. This allows more frequent and enjoyable use of outdoor spaces.

Continuing to expand knowledge and skills through exchange is crucial for me and helps to ensure that our ideas remain leading edge.

Daniel Kiehlmann is one of the ten new Associate Partners who will acquire shares in Transsolar and Transplan in the near future. With the ten new Associate Partners, we begin to diversify and build a solid foundation on which the generational transition can advance in a continuous and open way.