#tstransition Max Bauer: Innovation and measurability

Innovation and measurability – visions and innovative concepts and their ideal technical realization

You could probably call me a ‘Transsolar kid’ as I started here with my Bachelor Thesis about gravivent systems that Transsolar was testing inhouse to be applied in different climatic settings as a low-tech solution for tempering a space.
It always fascinated me to come from crazy new climate concept elements to the actual robust technical solution. And this often means to build mockups and measure the results… Diogene with Renzo Piano was intriguing as we realized a technically self-sufficient 7 square meter minimalistic living space. Very different was the work related to light (beams) for the Biennale installation Lightscapes or the measurement campaigns in Doha, where we condition semi-outdoor spaces with robust and energy efficient technical solutions ...
What motivates me is, that I can live out my natural inner drive and interest on a daily basis through my work at Transsolar – where complete openness is required in concept development – and at Transplan – where it's all about finding a robust technical implementation.
We only gain in terms of sustainability and our concepts are only worthwhile, if we implement them skillfully from a technical point of view.

Max Bauer is one of the ten new Associate Partners who will acquire shares in Transsolar and Transplan in the near future.
With the ten new Associate Partners, we begin to diversify and build a solid foundation on which the generational transition can advance in a continuous and open way.