Exhibition | urbainable – stadthaltig | Caution: HOT! | Berlin

Caution: HOT! is part of the exhibition of the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) urbainable – stadthaltig. Positions on the European City for the 21st Century opening next week:

Climate changes progresses worldwide. There is more and more unseasonal heat in German cities, as well as structural densification, and increasing restrictions in lifestyle: It is necessary to promote thinking about livable and healthy cities, and their inhabitants.
Caution: HOT! explains the connection between urban morphology, materiality and microclimates. The aim is to raise awareness of the relationships between urban structures, and their impact on people's comfort and health.
Urban density does not necessarily mean heat islands; on the contrary, it can be used as part of the solution for climate-friendly transformations of the city. Thoughtfully-planned climate interventions in the built environment, especially in the public space of the city, have the potential to compensate for the perceived losses associated with change. With the help of new technologies, these interventions can transform ingrained forms of behavior into functioning, liveable culture.

Prof. Thomas Auer will be present at the opening on September 5th:
> urbainable – stadthaltig | Caution: HOT! | Akademie der Künste Berlin | 05.09.2020 - 22.11.2020
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Image: TU Munich