Less technology, more building – Interview with Wolfgang Kessling

Christina Gräwe and Yorck Förster spoke with Wolfgang Kessling about Transsolar’s climate design. The interview is now published in the German Architecture Annual 2021 of the German Architecture Museum DAM.

Yorck Förster: "Our book has two different levels: there are the architectural discussions on one hand and the meta- topics on the other. We were fascinated by the climate concept including the courtyards for Grüne Erde Welt by terrain: integral design. In light of climate change, we wondered how green spaces can be integrated in buildings, and what natural conditioning options are available?"

Wolfgang Kessling: "I firmly believe that, in the future, we need to be even more aware that nature is a finite resource. And I think we greatly underestimate nature’s "eco-services". Ten per cent more well-watered green spaces in cities would probably keep climate change at roughly the present level until 2080, as the urban space would benefit greatly from water evaporation and shading. When we have information like that at our fingertips, we need to use it and design buildings and cities accordingly. We have to respect nature and let it do its job appropriately and effectively."