Winning the competition for the Parco del Ponte in Genoa

"The ‘Red Circle’ runs along the locations where the tragedy of 14 August 2018 occurred. It embraces them without separating them from their context, linking them together, [...] joining the separate sections through bike/pedestrian path and distributing the renewable energy generated by the solar collectors - thermal and photovoltaic - located on the roofs of the buildings, by the Wind Tower and by the piezoelectric flooring (which symbolically contribute to the energy balance) converting into energy the traffic flows that run through the new Bridge and the Circle. Energy….". This is how Stefano Boeri, group leader of the team that won the competition, opens the presentation that summarises the key points of the project.
The Red Steel Circle is first and foremost a relationship-building structure: it is a bike-pedestrian road 1570 meters long, 6 meters wide and 250 meters in diameter, equipped with a 120-meter-high Wind Tower for the production and distribution of renewable energy that connects the district just in front of the new station. The latter houses a system of wind turbines and belongs, like the Red Circle, to the new energy network of Polcevera.
Transsolar was responsible for developing the environmental comfort and energy efficiency concept and is looking forward to work in the design team to realize this project.

MIC | Mobility in Chain; Studio Laura Gatti; Transsolar KlimaEngineering; Antonio Secondo Accotto

Consultants: H&A Associati; Studio Luca Vitone; Tempo Riuso
Renderings: The Big Picture (above), Renovatio design
Graphics: 46xy