December 15th: Wolfgang Kessling discussing COMFORT @CATE2023

Comfort At The Extremes 2023
Wednesday - Friday , December 13th - 15th , 2023
CEPT University | Ahmedabad , India

The conference builds on the previous success of the Windsor Conferences on Thermal Comfort (1994-2020) and the Comfort at the Extremes Conferences that were held worldwide in following years. Leaders of our industry come together to discuss and listen.

Wolfgang Kessling will be a guest speaker sharing his expertise and ideas with participants at the Cate 2023.

Title: From cooled to fresh conditions - Hybrid Cooling for the Dry and Humid Zones.
The presentation will include examples of projects with Hybrid Cooling in Asia and explore innovations in design for comfort in the tropics: indoors, mid-doors and outdoors.

Live streaming of the conference is available and will help take proceedings of the conference to a wider audience worldwide. More here >