Actelion Clinical Research Building, Basel, Switzerland

Actelion Clinical Research Building

To complement the two existing Actelion buildings, the Innovation Center and the Business Center, construction work began for the Research and Laboratory Building in February 2009, a new center for research and clinical development. The building meets the company´s growing demand for laboratory and office facility, providing space for around 380 employees.
The building is characterized by its floor slabs that are cantilevered beyond the facades, providing employees a balcony-like access to the outside. In addition to the balconyslabs, special operable, exterior awnings, called ‘Knickarmmarkisen‘, provide shading, and therefore, protection from overheating in summer without compromising the occupants’ connection to the outside.
Thermally activated components, which can be heated or cooled as required, provide the basic conditioning. Unfortunately it was not possible to realize a cohesive energy system between the individual campus buildings. However, the Clinical Research building has a wood chip boiler for heating.