VR Bank, Markgröningen, Germany

VR Bank

Due to the site's location at a noisy street, the challenges for the new building in Markgröningen were to reduce traffic noise and provide fresh air besides ensuring high comfort and low energy consumption.
The solution was a fresh air intake at the back of the building, utilizing an earth duct to get the fresh air supplied from this position. The earth duct preconditions the ambient air which is then supplied via a raised floor into each room. An atrium collects the exhaust air before is it discharged through a solar chimney. In winter the energy of the exhaust air is recovered by a water-based heat recovery system integrated in the solar chimney.
The ventilation system is designed for natural mode. In winter when ambient temperatures are low and the stack effect is high, the entire ventilation runs without fan support – draft-free natural ventilation with heat recovery. In summer fan assistance is needed.
The energy supply strategy utilizes 21 geothermal piles, each 90 m deep, in combination with a heat pump. During winter, the heat pump is active and conditions the building. Whereas in summer, the geothermal system cools the building in free cooling mode, most of the time without active cooling by a chiller. Waste heat of the servers is recovered and integrated into the energy concept as well. At the moment an energy and comfort monitoring is performed.

2013 Iconic Award
2014 German Design Award
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