Robert L. Bogomolny Library, Baltimore, MD, USA

Robert L. Bogomolny Library

The renovation of the former Langsdale library building respects the memory and history of the original library design by preserving the original waffle slab construction (a ubiquitous technology from the 1960’s) and substantially maintaining the original massing of the building.

A striking addition of a glass hall on the west façade connects the four levels, providing a contemporary academic and public space to the building. In addition to promoting interior circulation, the glass hall provides daylight, views and natural ventilation to the original floor plate. Transsolar performed extensive thermal studies to detail the interior operable roller shading, including the specifications for materials, openness factor, location and functionality to provide optimum solar control and exhaust the heat built up in the glass hall.

Transsolar also guided the completely reclad façade – a geometrical re-design with significantly improved thermal performance. The renovated façade is R-20 with a high level of air-tightness. A slightly higher ratio of glazing compared to the original façade, but in strategic locations provides much improved daylight access to the original floorplates. The addition of operable windows introduced natural ventilation.

The project is pursuing LEED Gold.

Robert L. Bogomolny Library

Shading analysis of external atrium shading option

Robert L. Bogomolny Library

Summer operation with interior shading in atrium