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Deutsche Bahn Information

New Deutsche Bahn Information Booths at more than 80 train stations by 2020.

Deutsche Bahn railway opened the first of its new DB Information Booths in November 2017 at Nuremberg Central Station. This information booth serves as a model. Nationwide, the additional information booths are being considered for more than 80 cities by 2020. Long queues in front of the information stands of the Deutsche Bahn are expected to be a thing of the past. Customers can print out tickets or order mobility aids at three self-service kiosks. A monitor displays information in the event of a delay or disturbance. The DB Information Booth now features a brightly lit roof to improve visibility. Customers are able to access information or ask for personal advice. Each DB Information Booth is staffed by two employees. Wheelchair users can easily access the downwards beveled counter. There are aids for blind and visually impaired people as well as for people with hearing impairment.
Transsolar advised Deutsche Bahn on how to create a comfortable climate for employees working in the semi-open information booths located within the train station.
For this purpose, the form was optimized first. Then the engineers examined which other active measures could be beneficial with a focus on keeping operating times as low as possible and thereby saving energy.
Influences of form, sun protection, heating surfaces, ceiling fans, air curtains and different variations of windscreen and windbreak were presented. Transsolar recommended that Deutsche Bahn also test the recommended measures in a mockup on site.