New Catholic Community Hall, Bühlertann, Germany

New Catholic Community Hall

The foyer, group rooms as well as the community hall open spaciously to the outside, so that the church, the parish garden and the square are present at all times.

The arrangement of the hall, group rooms and foyer allow for a variety of combinations with connectable rooms and thus a variety of possibilities for parish life.

Sliding elements and curtains allow the hall to be changed and regulated so that it can be adapted to different uses and numbers of visitors, such as performances by the choir or senior citizens' meetings in the afternoon.

The climate concept aims for robust but functional simplicity through natural ventilation, night air flushing and structural shading.

A heat pump is planned to provide heating energy from the ambient air.

With photovoltaics on the roof, the building can generate energy, enough to offset it in the annual balance thanks to its low demands, making it carbon-neutral in operation.