EuropaCity, Paris, France


The vision is to create a vibrant attractive place for a wide variety of social groups and keeping it attractive in a long term perspective is a challenging task and represents literally a sustainable approach. Beyond an exciting mix of program and an extraordinary outdoor space is a strong environmental approach; which makes up a big part of the uniqueness of EuropaCity. Embedded in the approach of Grand Paris and closely connected to several mobility systems, the site provides ideal conditions for a suburban hotspot improving the progress of the whole region. Noise emissions and height limitations due to the proximity to two airports and highways passing the site provide some constraints but the size allows for coping with these by massing.
Considering energy, water and waste as cycles which are ideally limited to the site helps to identify environmental targets. The EU roadmap on reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2030 and by 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 is an ambitious program which still lacks the translation into clear governance activities. EuropaCity will be an exemplary development contributing to these targets.
The first essential step towards a net zero energy balance is the reduction of energy demand. Beyond improved technology an integral design process starting on the master plan and urban design level continuing till construction and optimization during operation will ensure high performance highly comfortable spaces. This performance improvement will allow for substituting fossil fuels by renewable energy sources. Commitments from all of the involved entities to the targets of EuropaCity are a requirement. Guidelines will define performance targets in terms of energy demand but in terms of not only comfort but quality of spaces too.
Generating more energy on site than is consumed and contributing to the neighborhoods, dealing with all the water flows on site, using all organic waste and putting it back in the cycle for urban farming or producing energy would provide an example on how to deal with the challenges of this century and guiding a whole generation of new facilities like that.