Office Building Fabrikstrasse 15, Basel, Switzerland

Office Building Fabrikstrasse 15
Office Building Fabrikstrasse 15

The main building skin is largely made of curved, shingled glazing and forms a facade cavity around the five office floors creating a single air volume. The concept for this building satisfies exceptional comfort requirements and the client’s low energy target of 300MJ/m² per year (83kWh/m²yr.) including heating, cooling, as well as the total electricity consumption for building operation and use. Meeting these targets required the development of new solutions.
Sun protection is provided by triple glazing with fritting and an additional 275 specially designed textile sun shades with low-e coating, each spanning the total height of a facade section. The sun shades are automatically controlled based on the orientation of the section.
Motorized facade openings allow the dissipation of solar heat gains. Semi-transparent photovoltaic modules were developed and integrated directly into the glazing structure. The electricity yield compensates for the entire energy demand of the building’s artificial lighting. Fresh air is supplied through the raised floor and exhausted via a central atrium to the heat recovery system.
Measuring radiant comfort conditions in the building was made possible by the invention of new sensors. Chilled ceiling systems and under floor fan coil units along the perimeter of the facade cool the space. On the top floor an additional lamella system was needed for cooling, as well as acoustical purposes. The arrangement also blocks direct solar radiation. For cooling, ground and river water are used. All of the innovative solutions prototyped in this building are standard products today.