Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society, Hanover, NH, USA

Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society

The Irving Institute for Energy and Society is a new building that adjoins the existing Murdough building of the Tuck School of Business (which will be renovated), enclosing an existing plaza and creating a new atrium. The project is planned to be LEED Platinum, incorporating a number of energy saving strategies. There is external shading on all ground floor windows, which are significantly larger than those in the rest of the building. Natural ventilation for nearly all spaces has been implemented. Façade-adjacent spaces are a mixture of dry labs and single and open offices. All the office spaces have automatically controlled windows with manual override.

Due to smoke control requirements, outside air enters the rooms and then transfers the ceiling plenum where it is conveyed to the atrium. From the atrium, it enters a mechanical penthouse that also functions as a modest chimney. The penthouse also contains the required atrium smoke exhaust fans which can be run on low speed to increase ventilation rates if the stack effect is insufficient. Labs are constantly mechanically ventilated.

A double façade on the front of the building also directly connects to the mechanical penthouse. Air from two large conference spaces is drawn into the façade and exhausted, through the chimney. The double façade with internal shading acts to amplify the stack effect and functions as a solar chimney.

All spaces have radiant panels for cooling and heating and ceiling fans. In mechanical ventilation mode spaces are served by a DOAS system. The enclosed atrium is intended to have an expanded comfort range. The floor is divided into different radiant zones, only some of which will be kept warm or cold.

The building is to be closely monitored and its performance constantly communicated to occupants. The predicted site EUI is as low as 18 kBtu/sf if the campus transitions to heat-pump based heating. 9 kBtu/sf will be supplied from on-site photovoltaics.