Endowment Headquarters, Houston, TX, USA

Endowment Headquarters

The headquarters of Houston Endowment provide an environmentally responsible workplace for the foundation and its community partners at a new location. The building’s site will be located on a 1.5-hectare plot in Spotts Park near the shores of the Buffalo Bayou; the design and building program will be closely aligned with the location.
It will provide office space, including large, multi-use on-site event and meeting rooms, a mix of closed and open workspaces for the foundation's staff and flexible conference rooms. Slender concrete columns give the building a versatile and efficient structure in which activities can be arranged in an informal manner.
A steel roof structure with attached photovoltaic panels supplies electricity and at the same time provides sun protection for interiors and terraces.
The foundation aims to reduce the environmental impact and optimize the operational efficiency of its new headquarters, so the Net Zero Challenge 2030 was set as the primary sustainability goal of the project. This standard means climate neutrality by 2030 by prioritizing energy efficiency in planning and design, a challenge that Transsolar is happy to accept.