Passivhäuser Piusplatz, Munich, Germany

Passivhäuser Piusplatz
Passivhäuser Piusplatz

In this project we encouraged the client to build low energy dwellings, setting a new standard for the company's future construction projects. As a result the apartment houses at Piusplatz Munich achieve Passivhaus standard and are certified by Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt.
Significant energy savings arise from the building’s high performance building envelope including 30 cm of thermal insulation and window frames with minimized thermal bridging in construction and installation. North facades show minimized glazing ratio (16%) while South facades are highly glazed to maximize for solar gains (70%).
For summer comfort external shading is incorporated in the building design. Another key component is an extremely airtight building envelope combined with a mechanical ventilation system maintaining high-efficient heat-recovery (92%).
The building’s heating systems are supplied by an absorption heat pump with a low site-to-source conversion factor. In combination with photovoltaic modules in almost horizontal roof-layout the Piusplatz project is designed for net-zero energy use (not yet installed).
The housing units not only meet, but surpass Passiv House requirements, reaching 30 percent below the heating energy target of 15 kWh/m² and year.

2014 Deutscher Bauherrenpreis des BDA, Kategorie Neubau
2014 Sonderpreis des BDA, "Freiraumgestaltung im Wohnungsbau"
2013 Preis für Qualität im Wohnungsbau
2013 Energieeffizienzpreis – Wohnungsbau Bayern