One Ocean – Pavilion EXPO 2012, Yeosu, South Korea

One Ocean – Pavilion EXPO 2012
One Ocean – Pavilion EXPO 2012

Yeosu’s climate is characterized by three main seasons: a cool winter, a hot and humid summer, and moderate intermediate periods.
The building’s adaptable kinetic facade enhances natural ventilation by capturing and guiding winds through the building during moderate and non-humid intermediate seasons.
During this period, radiant floor systems are directly cooled via a seawater heat exchanger. In peak summer conditions, dehumidification of supply air and radiant floor cooling are powered by highly efficient turbo compression chillers linked to the seawater heat exchanger. During winter, these chillers are reversed to heat pump mode and use seawater as an energy source to generate heat for the radiant floors and the mechanical ventilation system.
Photovoltaic panels are integrated into the roof landscape to generate solar electricity, providing about two thirds of the energy consumed by the building systems over the year.