Central Park Masterplan, Taichung, Taiwan

Central Park Masterplan

Transsolar worked in close collaboration with the architects to provide input to the design process aimed at maximizing user comfort in the public park area of the Taichung Jade Ecopark. Devices were developed that influence outdoor comfort by convection, radiation and conduction. These will be distributed throughout the whole park and deal with humidity, pollution and heat. In this way local attractions are generated with the target to positively influence the comfort for the visitors.
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were applied as modeling tools to first evaluate the local site in regards to wind directions and velocities. The information was used to logically distribute the devices in the park in order to generate increased effects. In a second step CFD simulations were done in order to give high resolution results for the devices functionality under changing environmental conditions. Also dynamic thermal simulation software was applied to show the yearly potentials in comfort improvement.
Besides the development of single devices a service strategy was developed to maximize the potential for direct renewable energy use. The aim was to cover all annual energy demand in the park by an on-site photovoltaic collector field. All ideas combined will generate an extraordinary outdoor environment in which visitors can directly experience the use of renewable energy with the direct link through the operation of the devices.