Titlis Mountain Station, Titlis, Switzerland

Titlis Mountain Station

«Titlis 3020» is the name of the overall project of refurbishment and expansion planned. The mountain station is at 3020 meters above sea level. The existing tower will be refurbished and an existing but outdated mountain station with restaurant will be replaced. The project is expected to start with refurbishing the tower from 2019 to 2020. Afterwards, the new construction of the mountain station will follow.

We are proud of the strong local identity of the integrated concept, by using the surplus grey water from the visitors to produce snow with a heat pump system to protect the glacier and use the warm side of the chiller to heat the buildings. The large inner atrium of the mountain station works as a wintergarden, which can be passive heated by the 1500 kWh/m² solar gains to stay above 15°C even at -20°C outside.