green architecture for the future


green architecture for the future

Another exhibition on the tired theme "Green Architecture for the Future"? Yes, but Louisiana Museum curators also had the resolution to host the definitive exhibition on this topic. Then they asked Transsolar and Frank Ockert to contribute to the topic Climate & Comfort.

How are major findings on climate and comfort incorporated in the design process? How can the interactions within a design team be visualized? How can the design process from initial concept to ongoing development to realized project be depicted? What are the important aspects of integral and sustainable planning for architects and engineers? The joint exhibition ECOLOGY.DESIGN.SYNERGY by Behnisch Architekten, Transsolar and Frank Ockert had already given answers to these questions; furthermore, the developed structure was still considered by the team to be the best one. Consequently, the framework from ECOLOGY.DESIGN.SYNERGY was borrowed and was further developed for the Louisiana exhibition.

The result was a simplified, yet complete statement of what temperature, air, light, sound, material and human scale are, and how they impact the human experience of the built environment. Exemplary tools of climate engineering were presented and floating light boxes held evidence of successful integrated design projects: photos of realized architecture.

Photos: Frank Ockert