3. July 2023 - Matthias Schuler @ OBEL AWARD Talks: Embodied Emissions

OBEL AWARD Talks: Embodied Emissions
with Matthias Schuler
3. Juli 2023 17:30-19:00 DAC - Danish Architecture Center (Copenhagen)

CO2 is being discussed everywhere, but what are the enablers and barriers for architects to take a leading role in driving down emissions? This panel discussion, with Q&A, will touch on embodied emissions by, and from, materials, methods, tools, circularity, decisioning acceptance, behaviour, as well as the question of accounting.

Meet Sam Draper, co-founder of Seratech and OBEL AWARD 2022 winner, Kjetil Thorsen, co-founder of Snøhetta and OBEL AWARD juror, Matthias Schuler, founder of Transsolar, Martha Lewis, Head of Materials at Henning Larsen Architects and Albert Taylor, Co Founder and Director at AKT II.
Moderated by Chris Luebkeman, Strategic Foresight at ETH-Zürich