Advancing Net Zero – Hong Kong Green Building Council

Jochen Lam and Thomas Auer were awarded for their participation in the Advancing Net Zero ANZ competition “in appreciation of their contribution on moving the building sector towards Net-Zero”. The competition was organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. Jochen and Thomas were part of the Design team of the winning entry of Ronald Lu & Partners ‘Treehouse’.
The project is a response to contemporary workplace needs, as well as to current climate challenges, promoting carbon-positivity and net-zero operations through a blend of design, technology and smart management.
Incorporating green walls, facades and roofing, water features, and carefully considering natural light and ventilation, the project strives to provide a human-centric work environment with a carbon-positive strategy. The temperature inside the building is regulated using self-shading inclined facades, and the chimney effect reduces heat transfer to the building. The concept proposes a smart-active building system that would allow different tower areas' energy consumption to be optimized according to usage patterns.
The low-energy architecture with its southern façade is tilted 5 degrees forward, making the building self-shading and avoiding unwanted solar heat gain in the upper storeys. Simulations of the unique façade’s energy performance were compared to a traditional vertical façade, revealing that the combination of self-shading geometry and external horizontal shading devices reduced solar irradiance . The setback also minimises direct solar heat gain, decreasing the cooling load and reduces air conditioning-related energy use.
Large PV integrated overhangs with light reflectors; a windcatcher that can capture cool air from 200 meters above ground; and more, like BIPV – CLAD solar chimney, natural lighting and ventilation for the building’s interior, all these factors contribute outstanding sustainability performance.
An idea to inspire and encourage everyone to create positive changes for the future.

A collaboration of: Ronald Lu & Partners; Cundall; Rider Levett Bucknall; Siemens; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; The University of Hong Kong, Transsolar

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