The "BIG picture" of Transsolar

During his one year fellowship at the Transsolar Academy Abolfazl Ganji Kheybari showed great endurance in finding and integrating the most innovative ideas to solve problems. He has the right spirit to do research work and the skills needed to then explore and test the findings. We believe that Universities all over the world need young professionals like him to push innovation.
Abolfazl not only shared his knowledge with us related to his personal project "Adaptive Building Envelope: Performative Water-filled ETFE Cushions" but supported our engineers in their daily work. We will not only miss him as a researcher and colleague, but also his thoughtful manner and the discussions revealing his personal vision of a better world that he shares with ours.
We wish him all the best at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, where he will start as a research assistant soon. We believe the University will be the most prolific environment for Abolfazl enabling him to further develop his talents, supporting his hope to have impact in future.