Matthias Schuler at City Conversations: Low Carbon Housing as a Human Right

Online event: Tuesday 22 September 2020. 4.00 – 5.30pm BST

Can the developing world and the developed world (Global North and South) work together on the urgent need for low carbon housing. In the context of rapid urbanisation and limited resources, our current systems need to deliver housing that is affordable and resilient for those that need it. What are the consequences if we don’t do so?

In general, developing countries are very good at dealing with mass provision of housing at speed - ‘The Width’ – but this is often at the expense of ‘The Depth’ – long term resilience. In the North, low carbon housing infrastructure is relatively well developed but slow to reach the population where need is greatest. There is also the opportunity to ‘leapfrog’ developed societies who are struggling with low carbon retrofit. How can cities in the South balance the desire for housing as many urban citizens as possible, and within limited resources, while achieving environmental justice? Is there a global model which we can follow? Or are things better tackled at a national or local level? Can we share some of the best examples of housing practice to see where there are lessons are to be learned.
For example where are the best examples of green low-income housing and should there be a greater uptake of alternative / green / local materials. How best to deal with short term need: does the concept of ‘temporary’ help or hinder? There is also the issue of health: how can engineering design promote healthy living spaces in low income housing?

This Conversation will share perspectives from “developing/developed” countries, and discuss the differences where there could be shared solutions where we can solve problems together and create cross-continent collaboration.

Dr. Sandile Mbatha - eThekwini Municipality. (Co-chair)
Kathleen Hetrick – Sustainability Engineer, Buro Happold Los Angeles (Co-chair)
With an invited panel of:
Dr Debra Roberts - eThekwini Municipality, South Africa
Elanor Warwick - Clarion Housing Group, UK
Melissa R Daniel - AMAR Group LLC, Washington DC, USA
Matthias Schuler – Transsolar, Germany

Panelists each provide a short presentation or position statement, before the discussion is opened to contributions from the audience. For further details of the panelists click here

Free to attend, but booking essential. To book a place click here.