Opening Rencontres I Parc des Ateliers I LUMA Arles

With the opening of the Rencontres 4th of July the second building by Selldorf Architects at Parc des Ateliers Arles was completed. Transsolar has designed a sustainable climate and energy concept with a strong context-sensitive sense of the Mediterranean place. » project details

Maja Hoffman, Founder of the LUMA Foundation: “With the Parc des Ateliers project in Arles we aim to develop a platform for contemporary and future creation. A place that stays flexible. Agile, and adaptable to changing environment and new opportunities. We have designed this site to break traditional barriers between disciplines, and to support ideas I strongly value – human rights and the fundamental right to a healthy environment.”

When the Parc des Ateliers is completed in 2018, LUMA Arles will house an art and research center whose objective is to conceive and produce exhibitions in their most varies form. The Parc des Ateliers cover 10 hectares and revolves around a public park-garden designed by landscape architect Bas Smets and a new arts resource building designed by Frank O. Gehry, which will house research facilities, a library, workshops and seminar rooms, artist’s studios and exhibition spaces [ Journal no 4 – summer 2016].