What is a Net Zero Energy Building? The story of NUS School of Design

The vision statement of the National University Singapore for their new campus building 'SDE 4 School of Design and Environment' was to build a high-comfort, net-zero energy building. But how to proceed and achieve this goal? In the webinar above Wolfgang Kessling shares the background of this design success story.
Provocatively he asks, "what is a net-zero energy building?" His answer: "The building has to provide all required energy on its own footprint." and adds "I always say don't borrow energy from your neighbor or from history. Today we need to think in our own building footprint and what it can deliver to run and operate the whole building."
Very convincingly, Wolfgang then describes in his 'Net-Zero Story' the tricky part: how to work backwards from this capacity and make it work beautifully designed without compromising the comfort in the building.

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