A whirl wind of a year

The 5th year of the Transsolar Academy ended, and the personal projects of all fellows are online now.

Pallavi Chidambaranath left us this Sunday but before she answered some questions about the impact the fellowship had on her life. Read about her experiences in the past year here in Stuttgart above.

Her personal project titled: Walkability in Urban India - Designing Cool Pockets for Pedestrian Thermal Comfort gave us many new insights.
Transsolar has quite some knowledge about outdoor comfort in an urban context, but how do we address walkability and what impact does it have on our design of outdoor spaces? Is there a way to calculate heat stress for people actively travelling in a city?

'Walkability is a measure of how friendly and welcoming neighborhoods are to pedestrians. In cities it is influenced by planning and environmental parameters. People are often faced with challenges such as lack of infrastructure, noise, safety concerns and lack of thermal comfort. Improved walkability creates a shift towards active travel – like walking or cycling. This shift contributes to better health, an enhanced sense of space, and improved air quality….'

How can this work in a hot and humid climate? Pallavi found answers:
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