Fall 2020 Studio | Spaces of Isolation | Harvard Graduate School of Design | Rok Oman + Špela Videčnik

Spaces of Isolation: Bridges Between Home and Healthcare is a Studio Report from the Fall 2020 semester at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design based on the studio taught by Špela Videčnik and Rok Oman. It was published on Dec 21, 2020.
During a seven-week course, many possibilities for development of future isolation schemes were examined. Schemes as possible home isolation seen as a valuable and valid alternative to a hospital setting... read more >

Studio Instructors: Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik OFIS ARCHITECTS
Teaching Assistant: Anyan Khalighy
Technology advice: Hanif Kara
Review Critics: Friedrich Ludewig, Hanif Kara, Markus Krauss, Marco Canevacci, Yena Young, Tobias Putrih, Dr. Marko Pokorn, Bekim Ramku, DK Osseo-Asara, Sarah Whiting