Planning for the Unpredictable | USO The Perfumed Cloud | Louvre Abu Dhabi 2019

The extremely strong tropical cyclone, which in October 2019 became the first super cyclone in the Northern Indian Ocean since 2007, was named "Kyarr". It is considered the second strongest tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea and one of the most intense in the history of the Northern Indian Ocean. Cyclone Maha appeared at the same time as Kyarr, recording for the first time that there were two simultaneous cyclones in the Arabian Sea.

End of October, the strength of Kyarr dropped to the intensity of a "severe cyclone storm" but it shifted its path westward reaching out to the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai suffered damage from the heavy rainfall and flooding.

Also, on the side of the Arabian Gulf the sea level rose high and ever higher than expected – above the levels of a 100-year flood. The opening of the USO installation at the Louvre Abu Dhabi fell precisely into this time, along with the associated technology and the team from Transsolar with its feet in the water.