Hitachi Columbus Campus, Mannheim, Allemagne

Hitachi Columbus Campus

The campus consists of a total of four individual buildings that form a central square open in all directions. Trees alternate here with lawns and unsealed paved areas. The result is an urban place with a green touch.
The above-ground part of the four-story office buildings does not use the permitted height; instead, there is a large roof garden with a green pergola and space for the photovoltaic system.
The wood-concrete hybrid structure is being built primarily using the pre-fab method. The cantilevered concrete elements on the exterior protect the wood on the interior from the elements while ensuring the longevity of the facade.
The photovoltaic system generates electricity to be used immediately or stored . Solar chimneys naturally drive the ventilation system. Heat pumps in a low temperature system provide heating; groundwater is used for cooling.
Transsolar is working on the concept for houses A and B. The desire is to make climate-neutral building operation possible, meaning that as much energy can be generated as the operation requires.
The photovoltaic system and solar chimneys appear as externally relevant components of the building envelope and make the sustainable approach purposefully visible.