#30yearstranssolar I Celebrating the past + future I July 26-29 I 2022

Time to RECONNECT after 2 years of the pandemic: Almost all Transsolarians will meet up for 3 EXPERIENCE DAYS in Oberbechingen on the site of an old castle. Supporting the owner with his multiple generation housing and social project – we are allowed to experiment building with #rammedearth walls, a #tinyhouse, a #biogassystem, a #greywatersystem… using #straw as material. We will set-up a little barn for animals that belong to an animal-supported therapy project, and a parkour for the children to experience their senses as part of their therapy.​​​​​​​​
We have amazing experts supporting us, and will discuss topics that play a role now and in the near future.​​​​​​​​
On Friday the families and partners will join to celebrate. Stay tuned for impressions we will share this week on our Instagram account transsolar_klimaengineering #30yearstranssolar