Glasbau 2022: Functional Mockups for Securing Façade and Supply Concepts

In the German reference book Glasbau 2022, the authors Michael Eberl, Marion Hiller, Herbert Sinnesbichler, Gunnar Grün and Matthias Kersken published the article 'Functional Mockups for Securing Façade and Supply Concepts'.

Mockups for the validation of façade and supply concepts. Functional mockups for the façades are based on a combination of disciplines, which is usually not under the control of a single designer. Complex façades take on various functions, such as weather protection, ventilation, lighting, energy generation etc. In order to cope with the risks arising from this complexity, functional mockups are advisable for the client to gains information on the reliability of the ordered façade and for the commissioning of the building services. In this publication, these advantages are presented on a sampling (Festo SE & Co. KG Esslingen) at Fraunhofer IBP’s VERU test facility for energy and indoor climate studies. The second project presented (validation simulation model in cooperation with Transsolar) shows that the comparison of simulation results against measurement on the functional mockup contributes to safety in simulation based planning, since project specific sources of error in the simulation such as input errors, inaccurately assumed boundary conditions or simplifications in the stored models can be revealed. The empirical validation leads to an increased accuracy and reliability of the models used.