Appeal towards the German Government

A wide range of industries support the appeal of the "2 Degrees" Foundation directed towards the German Federal Government for crisis management and sustainability. The task now is to make our economy more crisis-resistant with a climate economic stimulus package. This means that the measures to overcome the corona and climate crises should be closely interlinked in economic policy terms. Relevant economic and investment programs should be systematically geared towards climate-friendly development.
Climate policy measures must be consistently pursued in order not to jeopardize investments and projects already made. Building on what has been achieved so far means planning security for the economy. The forward-looking climate policy course must be maintained and the goal must remain: to make Europe a climate neutral continent by 2050. This offers the opportunity to establish the European economy internationally as a market leader for sustainable technologies and products, with a significant boost to innovation and modernization.
All this to be accomplished by the next world climate conference at the latest and in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

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