Genoa, the Future under the Bridge

A broad-based team is developing the plan for the future city park in the valley with public participation: After the awarding of the international competition of the masterplan for the regeneration of the "Quadrante Polcevera" of the new urban park, Stefano Boeri Architetti together with Metrogramma Milano, Inside Outside | Petra Blaisse, Mobility in Chain, Transsolar Energietechnik, Studio Laura Gatti, Secondo Antonio Accotto, and with the specialist advice of H&A Associati, Temporiuso and the artist Luca Vitone, has started a participatory process together with the City of Genova, the Department of Urban Planning and Urban Lab. Citizens and a series of public and private stakeholders (first of all, the Committee of Family Victims, the citizens of Via Porro and Via Fillak and Certosa, the schools and the City Hall, the Municipality, the Region, Confindustria, FILSE, Ansaldo Energia, San Giorgio Seigen, IRETI, etc.).

The dialogue has led to an in-depth study of the new system of parks and public spaces, such as the new Innovation Campus on the western shore of the Polcevera river, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Memorial and Greenhouse between the eastern shore, the Via Porro and Via Fillak districts, the Nora Park towards the eastern hill front; and to redefining the perimeter of the intervention (Area B, about 12 hectares) compared to the one already defined in the competition phase (the Masterplan for Area A, about 43 hectares). New areas necessary for the completion of the Piazza called "Genova nel Bosco" have been included, thanks to a memorandum of understanding between RFI and the Municipality.

As expressed from the early stages of the competition, the objective of the intervention, in addition to creating a new quality public space and a garden of biodiversity, is to connect, through a new bicycle-pedestrian and energy infrastructure, the Red Circle, areas that are now separated from each other. The system of squares and parks, together with the new Ring imagined in the Competition phase and which in the next planning stages will be investigated how to finance, will be regenerated places that will run under the new Renzo Piano bridge; symbolic elements and manifesto of an urban mending between the two sides of the valley.

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