Evaluating the Hidden Carbon in SDE 1 & 3 by Wolfgang Kessling - A section of RENOVATING CARBON

RENOVATING CARBON (edited by Erik L’Heureux, Giovanni Cossu) is raising key questions about the values embedded in the architecture of architecture schools.

Wolfgang Kessling is Evaluating the Hidden Carbon in SDE 1 & 3, two buildings of the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore.

The first part of his essay explores the net-zero strategies for operational energy, while the second delves into the impact of avoiding carbon emissions by retaining the base buildings’ embodied carbon.

Wolfgang Kessling investigates the value of preserving embodied carbon through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) undertaken over the multiple design scenarios of the School of Design and Environment (SDE) renovation.

The SDE renovation projects are important prototypes belonging to a larger systemic whole; underlining the challenges that professionals need to work with in order to create positive change.

The book:
Erik L’Heureux, Ed.
Giovanni Cossu, Ed.
ISBN 13: 978-1-954081-44-4

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