Recycled Plasic + 3D-Print = Pavilion 1

International design studio, Hassell, and, a platform that operates in venture capital, philanthropy, and the creative space, develop a 3D printed public pavilion made from recycled plastic, with leading 3D printing design studio Nagami.

Inspired by indigenous shelters, the prototype for the 3D printed Pavilion can be easily modified to suit a variety of extreme climates and settings.

The pavilion is designed by Hassell and Nagami using computational techniques and fabricated purely through 3D printing - allowing the structure to be customised at almost no extra cost to match local climatic conditions in various locations.

Serving as a gathering point for reflection and education, the design is the beginning of a larger plan to create a series of pavilions which encourage conversations around material waste and how technology can solve our planet’s most urgent problems.

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Renderings: Hassell