Friedrich-Ebert-School conversion project receives Hugo-Häring Award 2023

The Association of German Architects (BDA) Baden-Württemberg has been awarding Hugo Häring Prizes for exemplary buildings in Baden-Württemberg since 1969. In Fall last year, University Campus – Cafeteria in Heilbronn received the award already, now the partial conversion of the Friedrich Ebert School project follows.

The entire Friedrich-Ebert-School complex, designed by architects C. Mutschler and J. Langner and built in 1966, was protected by historic preservation requirements. Fun fact - Before renovation, the building was awarded the Hugo Häring Prize in 1970 and even the BDA Grand Prize in 1977. The renewed presentation of the award therefore recognizes the respectful transformation of the landmarked building by architects Schwöbel + Partner and the entire design team.