New York City Office Project – Window Insert Prototype

In our New York Office, we like the windows to be open in the summer. We like the air, we like the breeze, we (sometimes) like the smells, we like feeling connected to the world.

Sometimes, though, that world can be noisy. Several of our international projects have acoustically protected natural ventilation for this exact reason. As part of an ongoing effort to get our hands dirty in the office, we decided to fabricate and test some acoustically protected natural ventilation inserts for our office.

Our main goal is to experience the qualitative effect of such inserts for ourselves, in our own space. We also thought this would be an opportunity to introduce the New York design community to this ventilation strategy which has not been widely adopted in urban North American environments where it has the potential to impact comfort and resilience the most! Stay tuned for updates, and maybe the chance to come experience it yourself!