Group 2 Retreat

From the 10th to the 11th of October 2023, Group 2 from our Stuttgart office ventured out for their inaugural group retreat, taking place at "Das Kreuzle" in Wüstenrot, Baden-Württemberg. This picturesque cottage was more than just a change of scenery; it boasted ample amenities such as a sprawling garden, a warm campfire spot, a spacious kitchen, and even indoor recreations like table tennis and a piano. This retreat was designed not just for relaxation but also for fostering deeper connections within the team.

Dubbed the "Transsolar Olympics", the retreat was jam-packed with plenty team-building activities. Members showed off their prowess in diverse categories like Creativity, where they engaged in a Maultaschen cooking class; Skill parkour; Engineering discipline; Sport; and Brain&quiz challenges. Every activity was meticulously planned to bolster teamwork, cohesion, and collaborative spirit among the participants, ensuring that the retreat was both enjoyable and productive.

The team also allocated time to address essential topics central to the improvement of the working environment. Discussions included employee well-being, enhancements to workspace conditions, promoting gender equality, and strategies for fostering knowledge exchange and the integration of new technologies like artificial inteligence (Ai)